Dental Cleanings and Examinations in Langley

At Saidi Dental Group, our dentists, Dr Masoud Saidi, Dr Janet Jin, and Dr Adam Chong, provide preventive dental services to our community. Our dental hygienists and team care about patients as individuals beyond their oral health concerns. Gentle cleanings and professional examinations are always incorporated as part of our tailored treatment plans to help protect the health of our patient's smiles. These detailed evaluations allow us to understand your current dental health thoroughly and recommend the right treatment plan to meet your oral care needs. 


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Bi-Annual Examinations

It is optimal to visit your dentist twice a year. This helps us protect the function of your smile and properly detect underlying oral health issues. During your routine six-month examinations, Dr Saidi, Dr Jin and Dr Chong thoroughly evaluate the health of your smile. These preventive measures are vital in determining if infection, gum disease, or decay are present. If any oral health complications are found, we work closely with you to develop an accurate treatment plan to begin your care. 

Our team takes the time to recognize every patient's dental concerns and aesthetic goals to help provide a positive experience with each visit. With over two decades of experience, Dr Saidi, Dr Jin and Dr Chong offer a calming environment for you and your loved ones. 

Professional Dental Cleanings from our Experienced Team of Hygienists

dental hygienist cleaning a male patients teeth.

Following your comprehensive examination, your hygienist continues with your cleaning. Although brushing and flossing twice daily is imperative to keeping your smile healthy and bright in-between visits, it is essential to schedule your hygiene treatment. 

Cleanings performed help remove harmful, disease-causing plaque, the leading contributor to tooth decay and periodontal infections. Tartar can be difficult to eliminate with at-home care alone. Our experienced Certified Dental Hygienists clean the tooth surface thoroughly and implement protective agents to strengthen enamel for long-lasting health. 

During the cleaning procedure, the gum pockets are measured to determine if your soft tissue is healthy and free of periodontal disease. If there is any indication that gum-tissue pockets are inflamed, we recommend and provide the proper procedure to prevent advanced periodontitis. 

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At Saidi Dental Group, Dr Masoud Saidi, Dr Janet Jin, Dr Adam Chong and their knowledgeable, professional team provide preventive dental care services such as cleanings and examinations to patients throughout the Langley, BC communities. Call us at (604) 539-9374 to schedule your comprehensive visit. Be sure to check us out on Facebook or Instagram for our social content.

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