Before and After Gallery

Before & After Dental Gallery

Your teeth play a crucial role in your enjoyment of food and overall health. If you are reluctant to show your teeth and smile, have difficulty eating certain types of food, or have sensitive gums or teeth; you should consult our highly trained dental team. A healthier smile can do wonders for your self-image and quality of life.

What Options Can Restore Your Smile

Several options can help restore your beautiful smile and the confidence to show it. Our dental team is committed to helping you select what option will be best for you.

Here are just a few before and after photos of patients who have received treatment from our dedicated team at Saidi Dental Group.

Crossbite, Yellow Teeth, Chipped Worn Teeth | Correction With Whitening, Ceramic Veneers And Crowns

before and after dental photos for langley dental practicedental photos for langley dental practice

Old Failing Silver Fillings | Gold, Ceramic And White Fillings | Replacing Failing Silver Fillings

composite dental fillings in langley white dental fillings in langley

Narrow Tooth | White Filling Or Bonding Fixing The Narrow Tooth

tooth-colored fillings in langleylangley dental fillings

Missing Tooth | Missing Tooth Replaced With An Implant Crown

langley bc dental implantsdental implants in langley bc

Decayed Teeth | White Fillings Replacing Decayed Teeth In One Appointment

fillings in langleydental fillings in langley

Failing Teeth Due To Periodontal Disease | Denture Replacing Failed Teeth

implant supported dentures in langleydentures in langley

Missing Molars | 3 Implants Replacing Missing Molars

implant dentist in langleylangley dental implants

Narrow Teeth | White Filling Or Bonding Fixing Narrow Teeth

langley fillingsfillings in langley

Discoloured And Crooked Teeth | Whitening And Full Mouth Ceramic Veneers

smile restoration in langleylangley dental restorations

Broken And Missing Teeth | Sinus Lift, Bone Graft And Implants Replacing Missing Teeth

replacing broken and missing teeth in langleyreplacing broken teeth in langley

Discoloured And Failing Teeth | Ceramic Crowns Restoring Discoloured And Failing Teeth

same day dental crowns in langleylangley dental crowns

Failing And Discoloured Fillings | White Fillings Or Bonding Restoring Failing And Discoloured Teeth

fillings in langleywhite dental fillings

Discoloured And Failing Restorations | Whitening, Ceramic And Gold Crowns And Ceramic Veneers Replacing Broken, Discoloured Teeth

restoring discoloured teethrestoring your smile

Discoloured Front Tooth | Tooth Whitening Or Bleaching

langley teeth whiteningteeth whitening in langley

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Saidi Dental Group, your skilled and trusted dentists in Langley, strive for excellence, caring, and safety. When you leave your dental appointment with us, you will know that you have received the best dental experience. That is our mission.

Dr. Masoud Saidi's Advanced Implant Dentistry Certifications Include:

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