Same-Day Crowns in Langley

Saidi Dental Group is excited to offer same-day crowns. We want our patients to receive the highest quality of care using cutting-edge technologies. Our CEREC machine uses CAD/CAM technology to streamline the restoration process. Patients can count on our expertise and contemporary technology to recover their smiles in only one appointment.


Advanced Technology

CAD/CAM stands for computer-aided designing and computer-aided manufacturing. Using a computer eliminates human error and ensures the restoration fits precisely in your smile. This machine produces the highest quality restorations in the shortest time possible. CEREC machines can mill crowns in as little as five minutes. It also can craft bridges, veneers, implant crowns, and custom implant abutments.

CEREC Same-Day Ceramic Crowns in Langley, BC – Before and After Pictures

CEREC same-day ceramic crowns are created from a single piece of ceramic using a precise computer-guided milling system designed to match your existing teeth perfectly. Check out these before and after pictures of happy patients.

Minimally Invasive Procedure

First, 3D images of your oral structure are taken. We use an intra-oral camera no more significant than the ball of a pen. It scans accurately within a tenth of a millimetre and promptly allows the restoration construction to begin.

Within minutes, the ceramic crown is milled. Afterwards, the colour match and custom dye process begin. Because the crown is made quickly, the tooth can be re-fired or remade if the colour match is incorrect. This ensures complete patient satisfaction, one of the benefits of the same-day crown service.


Same-day crowns offer unique advantages for our patients. Many aspects of this service are superior to conventional lab-made crowns.

Comfortable: Avoid putty impression pastes. The digital impression process is quick and minimally invasive. Avoid temporary crown failure and the resulting sensitivity.

Discreet: Complete restoration in just one appointment before anyone notices the damage.

Saves time: Get back to your life quicker with fewer appointments, less time away from work, and less time waiting for crowns to be completed in a lab.

Saves money: Save potential earnings by taking less time off work.

Prevent injury: Temporary crowns do not fit well and may dislodge, leading to damage. Same-day crowns protect natural teeth' integrity, requiring less drilling and saving more organic tooth matter.

Emergency Dentistry

We offer emergency dentistry that can completely restore the damage in just one appointment. We provide this vital service to our patients in Langley and the surrounding communities. The potential for bone resorption increases without teeth. This can make it more challenging to replace teeth. Same-day crowns allow you to replace missing or decayed teeth at the first sign of damage.

For more information on same-day crowns. Schedule an appointment today or call (604) 539-9374. We look forward to restoring your smile.

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