White Dental Fillings

White fillings, also called composite fillings, are a form of cosmetic dentistry. We have returned many people their smiles, and we can do the same for you. Free yourself from metal fillings and achieve long-term oral health.


Why Replace Metal (Silver, Mercury, Gold) Fillings With White Fillings? – Eliminate Corrosion, Cracking, and Fractures

Traditionally, cavity fillings were finished with a metal-silver mercury amalgam. Typically these silver fillings, while useful at the time, would eventually corrode, resulting in filling expansion and cracking or fracture of the tooth structure. Also, recent studies have begun to question the safety of mercury fillings.

Replace Old, Failing Fillings or Mercury Fillings With Strong, Durable White Fillings

How would you like to replace your old or defective mercury fillings with tooth-coloured natural-looking composite or ceramic fillings? In that case, Saidi Dental Group can perform the procedure for you in as little as one appointment. White fillings, also known as composite or mercury-free fillings, are now standard in most dental offices.

Before and After Pictures of White Fillings – See the Difference With Saidi Dental Group

Our skilled dentists have performed many upgrades, from metal to composite fillings. Click here to view some of our before and after photos.

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