Teeth Whitening in Langley

If you need teeth whitening, our dentists in Langley can give you a healthy, bright smile. Having teeth whitened can boost your confidence, help you look younger and be more approachable.


Professional Teeth Whitening at Our Dental Office or Take Home Our Teeth Whitening Kit

We offer professional teeth whitening services at our dental practice, or you can take home our unique teeth whitening kit. Our kits are much more effective and completely safe when compared to store-bought kits, strips, and gels. Drugstore teeth whitening kits and strips can irritate the gum line and increase tooth sensitivity. Professional whitening can improve your smile’s colour by 6-8 shades and is safe and non-invasive. 

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Experience the difference with us and see why Langley is a trusted dentist. Our patient care, vast knowledge of dentistry and efficiency make us a top choice for many patients. If you want to speak with us about our dental care offerings, like our professional teeth cleaning care and take-home teeth cleaning kits, call us at (604) 539-9374.

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Saidi Dental Group, your skilled and trusted dentists in Langley, strive for excellence, caring, and safety. When you leave your dental appointment with us, you will know that you have received the best dental experience. That is our mission.

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Dr. Masoud Saidi's Advanced Implant Dentistry Certifications Include:

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