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Same day crownsor CEREC (chairside economical restoration ethical ceramics) are performed by our skilled dentists in Langley. CEREC uses a special dental technology that allows for a crown to be milled through CADCAM (computer-aided design and manufacturing). Usually, crowns need to be fabricated in a lab, but at Saidi Dental Group, you can get your crown done in one appointment right here at our dental office.


CEREC Same Day Ceramic Crowns in Langley, BC – Before and After Pictures

CERECsame day ceramic crowns are created from a single piece of ceramic using a precise computer-guided milling system and are designed to be a perfect match to your existing teeth. Check out these before and after pictures of happy patients.

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Experience the difference with us and see why we are a trusted dentist in Langley. Our patient care and skilled dentistry make us a top choice for many patients. If you would like to hear more about CEREC same day crowns,call us today at 604-539-9374


Saidi Dental Group is made up of skilled and trusted dentists in Langley, BC. Professionalism, excellence caring and safety are at the forefront in which Saidi Dental Group strives for. When you leave your dental appointment with us you will know that you have received the best dental experience. That is our mission.